Here's the Voting Results of Favorite Anime Women, Number 1 It Turns Out Not a Woman!

Anime girl bespectacled sweeter!
Glasses can make the characters to the anime girl is getting sweeter. Is there a waifumu here?
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This summer, one of the anime stores in Japan, Lashinbang Store seek election fans. Who is the beloved anime female character in this summer?

Everyone started writing the names of their favorite female characters in this season. Once the election is over, the results were announced by Lashinbang store, this is the result.

10. Order of Elite = Suzune Horikita (68 votes)

9. Players! = Karen Tendo (77 votes)

8. Path / Hidden = Red Berserker (102 votes)

7. New game! = Nene Sakura (111 votes)

6. 3piece = Small Wing of the Angel (113 Votes)

5. The Fate / Occult = Black Berserker (127 votes)

4. Kakegurui = Yumeko Jabami (150 votes)

3. New Game! = Aoba Suzukaze (200 votes)

2. Aho Girl = Yoshiko Hanabatake (216 votes)

1. Fate / Hidden = Rider of Black (274 votes)

Surprisingly, being on the top with a total of 274 votes is a Black Fighter rider / Hidden! Why strange? Because rider of the Black or Astolfo is a man!

But for some people (mostly in Japan), Astolfo victory can not be too surprising, because the character Astolfo trap, the man who has the appearance and nature of women. Astolfo also has many fans in Japan there.

favorite anime female characters

Indeed, this is the most amazing is the eighth grade. Berserker's Red anime Squadron / Hidden. Yes, Red Berserker, who is Spartacus. Who does what form of Spartacus? See below:

favorite anime female characters

The author himself does not understand why the man Spartacus monster this great man can be put to elections. In fact, his success was in eighth place, leading 25 votes in favor, Karen Tendo, and lost only 9 sounds of Nene Sakura.

What is your opinion; Have you ever imagined Astolfo and Spartacus became Waifu-mu? Yes, everyone has different tastes so good, including those who choose Astolfo and Spartacus in Japan there.
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Drug Addiction Ai Takabe Finally Released From Charges

Ai Takabe drug addiction is ultimately released from charges

The story of a seiyuu that some time ago had understood this drug case eventually seemed to end. It was reported that the Tokyo Police Department decided to release Ay Tsaabbe, who was arrested in the article on drug abuse.

The police say they decide after examining many things, including the amount of cocaine that is said to be too small and the social punishment it has earned after its appearance.

Takabe was detained for the first time last October after being caught with cocaine. Some of the implications and update of the case you can see here, including the impact on some anime series that had star a few years ago.
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Eiichiro Oda Reveals Why One Piece 'Story Is So Longer Than Its Plan

One Piece has been running for 20 years, and the manga by Eichiro Oda has become an amazingly popular comedian, as only Batman & Superman can win the sale. A few days through an Oda column reveals why this story has reached nearly 900 chapters.
a piece of eichiro oda ngaku

"One Piece can be continued for 20 years is Shichibukai One Piece will initially fight with Yonkou and will graduate after 5 years.I received the idea that the Shichibukai idea was cool when applied to story, which then was just a shadow. But, like a horror story, the story is so great! "

"Why did not I write Nibukai (2) or Gobukai (5)?" This is because Shichibukai sounds cooler! "I obviously do not regret to do so because of this blessing, I can draw what I want to draw.

"Stay a little longer!"

That is, Shichibukai arises because Oda thinks the word sounds cool. The result is now 15 years longer than expected. Now that Luffy's crew has to face Yonkou and without using Shichibukai to show the escalation of his world power, I do not think One Piece will be so interesting.
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Cover Light Novel to 12 'Oregairu' Showing Yukinoshita Yukino

After releasing the 11th volume in 2015, fans are already waiting for the final volume of the Oregairu series. A front cover look is then displayed with a picture of the character of Yukinoshita Yukino by a Ponkan8 illustrator. The lightweight new volume at 12 is due to be published on September 20th.

JOI - cover yukinon version 12

Oregairu series tells the life of Hachiman, a high school kid who is very skeptical man and enjoy loneliness. It also has a somewhat twisted view of society, but this may be the result of a series of traumas of its past. But when teachers know the views Shizuka Hiratsuka Hachiman, who will be put into the clubbersama service Yuigahama Yukinoshita Yukino and Yui.

The last 2 episode of anime Oregairu is based on volume up to 11 from his light new turn, when Hachiman, Yukinon and Yui confronted with a "crossroads" was difficult. Can the question be answered in Volume 12?
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